Adopt a Cat

Lily was our tripod cat who was rescued from Makua Beach with a broken back leg, and subsequently, from euthanasia. After living in our cat lounge for 10 months, Lily found her forever home on June 3, 2021. (Adoption #259) (Photo: Kris Labang)

Apply to adopt via KAT Charities


Our adoptable cats at Popoki + Tea are from our 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal rescue partner, KAT Charities. Their boots-on-the-ground volunteers rescue cats and kittens islandwide. Often, they find cats when they’re most vulnerable. These are cats who are given a second chance at life, instead of an automatic death sentence at the local shelter for being unfairly labeled as “feral.” To the contrary, our cats are some of the sweetest you’ll ever meet; we often have guests who tell us so! KAT Charities’ network of volunteer fosters care for these cats medically, emotionally, and socially until they’re ready to find their forever homes.


Our cats and kittens are:

  • Sterilized (spayed/neutered)
  • Microchipped
  • Up-to-date on vaccinations*
  • Given a monthly flea preventative and at least one round of dewormer

*Kittens under 6 months old have received their first shots and will likely require additional booster shots after adoption. Discuss a recommended vaccination schedule with your veterinarian. After adoption, all medical costs are the responsibility of the adopter.

Our adopters receive:

  • Complimentary wellness exam with Purradise Cat Care, good up to 30 days from adoption date
  • Complimentary goodie bag with treats and toys

If you’re visiting to meet a specific kitten or cat, we recommend contacting us first to verify its availability, since adoptions can sometimes happen fast! You may call us at 808.425.4131, or email us at meow (at) popokiandtea.com.

Our Adoption Process

KAT Charities’ adoption fees are $100 for adult cats and $150 for kittens under 5 pounds. Adoption fees help rescues like KAT Charities partially offset the barrage of necessary medical costs, including spay/neuter, vaccinations, surgeries and medications, to get their rescue cats and kittens to a healthy, adoptable state.

Applicants must be at least 21 years old and will be asked for proof of identification.

If you’re interested in adopting a cat or kitten, please fill out KAT Charities’ online adoption application. Please allow 24-72 hours after submission for KAT Charities to review your application and call you. Please do not contact Popoki + Tea about your application, as we do not have access to this information. The decision of whether or not you qualify to adopt is solely and entirely made by KAT Charities.

Once KAT Charities approves you for adoption, Popoki + Tea will call you to set up your adoption time. Adopters must be ready to adopt upon approval; we do not put holds on cats. Please understand that at any given time, we have approximately 150 cats in line for our cat lounge, and we can only intake a new cat when an adoption occurs. Mahalo for your understanding!

Our Adoptable Cats and Kittens

Male, approx 4 months old

Watch out, Crook will steal your heart! He’s an affectionate soul who will bother you in the best way possible while you’re trying to get work done, and ask for pets! He’s actually named Crook because of the natural bend in his tail. Crook looks a lot like Envy because she’s his sister, though they’re not particularly bonded, so they can find separate homes. Crook was raised by a foster since he and his sister were neonate kittens, and he’s ready to find a forever home where he can get all the unconditional love he’s ever desired.


Male, approx 5 years old

Dodge came to KAT Charities after being found in a managed cat colony. He is such a sweet, gentle cat, and life as a housecat would suit Dodge much better than in an outdoor colony. Dodge is timid at first introductions, but with a quiet home, this boy will flourish. He has a heart of gold and we can’t wait to see him find his forever family.


Male, approx 5 months old

‘Ekolu is “three” in Hawaiian, and it’s because he’s all black, except for three white spots: at the top of his tail, and on each hind foot! ‘Ekolu loves making biscuits in bed when he’s relaxed, and pouncing on pompoms and rushing through tunnels when he’s feeling hyper! He and his brother Raider were found in someone’s yard in Ewa, and were taken in and fostered to save the brothers from known animal abusers in the neighborhood.


Female, approx 4 months old

Don’t envy her good looks… because Envy is an absolute sweetheart! She’s an outgoing girl who isn’t shy about making friends, human and feline alike. She especially loves chasing feather wand toys and playing with other kittens her age. Envy was found as a neonate with her siblings, and was fostered in the same home as Charlie (adopted) and Sunny (also in our lounge). She loves company, and is also an independent kitty, so she can be adopted with other cats, or as a solo cat.


Male, approx 2 months old

Freedom is one of Lady Liberty’s kittens (see her bio). He especially loves to play with his brother, Uncle Sam, so we would love to see the two brothers go to a home together, especially since they are both so young and still growing. Kittens adopted as a pair will only help them become even better adult cats!



Female, approx 2 years old

Jade was originally rescued from a busy Kapolei parking lot. You may be wondering why she’s missing her right eye. Jade is a survivor of a fatal infection called FIP (feline infectious peritonitis). There are several kinds of FIP, and the form Jade had affected her eyes. Fortunately, with an off-label 84-day treatment, Jade survived FIP, and lost her right eye in the battle. Jade likes a slow pace and is likely to be a bit reserved at first. However, once Jade is comfortable with you, she would love to be pet and loved on. Chances are, you won’t find her in the middle of raucous play circles, but rather off in her own corner or in a bed, observing and enjoying the peace and quiet. Don’t be intimidated by her, because she absolutely loves to be pet! With patience, a slow approach and a gentle touch, she will certainly come around. Only then will you truly see her shining personality! For resources related to FIP, please visit fipwarriors.com.


Male, approx 8 months old

This sweetie is anything but bad luck — on the contrary, he’ll bring lots of joy to your home! Jinx was rescued from a hoarding house in Waipahu, and is now living a comfortable and safe life with us until he finds his forever family. He loves playing with his other kitty friends, so it would be fantastic if he went to a home with one other playful cat or kitten. He would be a great fit for families of all sizes, including those with children.


Lady Liberty
Female, approx 1 year old

Help Lady Liberty celebrate independence from a dangerous situation! She was a community cat at an inpatient drug rehab facility. The residents there loved Lady Liberty very much, but roaming dogs in the neighborhood are known to hunt and kill outdoor cats, so KAT Charities was summoned to help save Lady Liberty. When she was captured, it was discovered that she was pregnant, and she gave birth on July 2 to five kittens while she was still in her trap. Her kittens will be available for adoption soon. Lady Liberty is also celebrating independence from motherhood, as she was fixed after her birth. Will you be the one to help Lady Liberty begin a new chapter in life?


Princess Grace
Female, approx 2 years old

Like your royals with some spunk? Princess Grace is your gal! Princess Grace, or “PG” for short, can be shy at first and can take some time to get used to new places. Once she makes herself comfortable, her large personality will let loose! She has her opinions and she will make them known, and she’s also the type to weave around your legs and request your attention. Princess has known a home before, and is ready to try again and reign your kingdom forever.


Male, approx 4 months old

Let Ray be your ray of sunshine in your life! True to his name, Ray likes to lay by our window and enjoy the sunshine. Ray also loves other feline company, so we would recommend he go to a home with at least one other friendly, low-key cat. Ray and his siblings were found as neonatal kittens and raised by a foster.


Male, approx 4 months old

Shoyu is way more sweet than salty! He was rescued in Wai‘anae after his mother was found poisoned to death. Shoyu was only 2 weeks old at this point, so his foster bottle-fed him. He developed a prolapsed anus while in foster care, which was surgically corrected, but scared off a family that was set to pre-adopt him. Shoyu is now a strong and happy kitten, thanks to the above-and-beyond care he received from his KAT Charities foster!



Spooky (bonded with Sticky)
Female, approx 6 months old

Spooky is our shy gal who’s ready to bloom! She tends to hang out in a bed or a cat tree, but when the time is right, has been known to play with feather toys and other kittens. Once she’s comfortable in your home, she’ll seek out your lap to hang out on. She shares a special bond with Sticky, and they must be adopted together.


Sticky (bonded with Spooky)
Male, approx 6 months old

Sticky is a quirky kitty with a quirky name! This boy was found outside of a church with several other kittens and cats with bad upper respiratory infections, with Sticky’s being the worst — that’s why his name is Sticky! While he was in foster care, Sticky got better, and while he isn’t literally sticky anymore, his name has taken on a different meaning, as he loves being around people and fellow cats alike. He especially loves playing with his BFF Spooky, and they must be adopted together.


Uncle Sam
Male, approx 2 months old

Uncle Sam is one of Lady Liberty’s kittens (see her bio). He and his brother Freedom are an American dream-team bundle of energy and love playing with each other. Because they are so young, we would prefer to see these kittens go together so they can help each other grow up into a couple of cool, confident cats!