All of our adoptable cats were rescued from the risk of euthanasia by our animal rescue partner KAT Charities, and have been fixed, microchipped, vaccinated, and treated for worms and fleas.

If you’re interested in adopting, please download and complete KAT Charities’ adoption application and email it to us at KAT Charities will be in touch with you within 24-72 hours of submission.


Female, 1 year old

Angie is very shy. Her purple calming collar gives her superpowers, helping her be super-duper brave! Because of her anxiety, Angie would do best in a quiet, patient and stable home with no young children or dogs. Other cats may be okay with a proper introduction, but ideally would do best as a solo cat. Fun fact: Orange Cat and Winky are her siblings! Not absolutely required, but Angie and Winky would love it if they could go to the same furrever home together, since they complement each other so well.


Male, 1 year old

Diego can be a bit shy at first, but he’s a super friendly, green-eyed ginger kitty who loves people and other cats. Cuddling is his favorite hobby! You can usually find him hanging out by the cat tree near the entrance to our lounge, courting his human suitors… or straight-up passed out. Diego would do well with children and other cats, with the proper introduction.

Male, 1 year old

He’s a cat with many names: Floof, Fluffy, Fluffy Butt, Sir Majesty Sir Fluffy Butt. However you choose to call him, Floof will be here, hanging out at his favorite spot in our lounge, underneath or atop our park bench. He’s very unassuming, but Floof loves rolling around in catnip! Floof was rescued as a kitten in the pouring rain in Pearl City, and now is safe with us until he finds his furrever home!


Male, 3 years old

“Kazu” means “calm” in Japanese. He’s a sweetie who would do well in a home other cats and children, with the proper introduction. He was neutered after being rescued from a cat colony, which is why he has a notch in his left ear. For reasons we can’t understand, because he’s so sweet, Kazu was abandoned twice by previous owners, so like all of our cats, we hope he finally finds his truly furrever home!


Female, 1 year old

Lani was rescued as a kitten. Now grown, she now lives in our cat lounge and can often be found hanging out on top or underneath our park bench with Floof. Lani can be shy at first, but once she decides you’re cool, she’ll nuzzle your leg for pets. We think she’d do best in a quiet home, and with another cat, with a gradual introduction.


Male, 1 year old

When Levi was found as a stray, he was infested with fleas. His severe flea allergy caused him to lose most of his hair, which is why it’s in the middle of growing back. He is chirpy, social and often loves to climb our shelves in the cat lounge!


Female, 2 years old

Nema was practically skin and bones when she was found as a stray in Ewa Beach. Hard to believe now, since she’s kind of a chonk! She has a major case of RBF, but despite her mean-looking demeanor, she’s actually a big softie who will meow at you whenever she wants to be pet. You’ll usually find her by the window, where she’s either taking a nap, or surveying her domain beyond these four walls. She’d be happiest as a solo cat, but will tolerate other cats with the proper introduction.


Orange Cat
Male, 1 year old

Yeah we know, Orange Cat doesn’t have the most extraordinary name, but he makes up for it with his extraordinary purrsonality. He’s kinda famous—he’s the orange tabby who’s in the photo in our shop window! Orange Cat hasn’t let fame get to his head, though. He’s cool with children, as long as they don’t play rough, and with the proper introduction, will get along with other cats. Angie and Winky are his sisters!


Female, 1 year old

Pinky is one Westside titah from Wai‘anae. She was a young mama who gave birth to three kittens right after she was rescued from a Wai‘anae colony. Her kittens have since been adopted, yet Pinky still waits for a furrever home of her own. She’s since been fixed, so she’s officially retired from parenting life. Pinky would do wonderfully with other cats and children.


Male, 2 years old

Ponyo, our fluffy golden boy, is our newest cat lounge resident, so he’s still getting the hang of things here. Right now, he’s found his favorite spot in one of our kennels, in his bed. He’ll come out to meet the other kitties, and day by day, will spend just a little more time with them, but for now, prefers the back. Of course, he’s very shy, but very loving. We expect that the more time he spends in our cat lounge, we’ll see more and more of his true purrsonality!


Male, 2 years old

Tank-Tank is a hopeless romantic who keeps finding himself in the plot to an ’80s John Hughes movie – he falls in love with a kitty who won’t love him back. He’s a social butterfly and will likely approach you to be pet. Sometimes he tries to act like a tough guy, but we know that he’s actually more like Duckie in Pretty in Pink than Bender in the Breakfast Club.


Male, 3 years old

Toby comes to us from Moloka‘i. He was found as a stray and needed some serious dental work. Due to a shortage of specialized care on Moloka‘i, Toby was flown to O‘ahu. He’s a chatty fellow who sounds and maybe looks like a grumpy old man at times, but in reality, he’s super affectionate and will love to rub up on you. He’s also so chill, not even our vacuum cleaner phases him!


Female, 1 year old

Winky’s self-esteem isn’t all that great. At past adoption events, people would make comments like, “Ew, what’s wrong with her eye?” She can still partially see out of her damaged right eye, and removing it would have been purely for cosmetic reasons. Winky will need all the self-esteem-boosting love that one can give her! This shy girl appreciates gentle petting, and would do best in a quiet home. Her sister is Angie and it would be awesome if they could go to the same home together.