Adopt a Cat

Our adoptable cats at Popoki + Tea were rescued as strays, from cat colonies, or from the risk of euthanasia by our nonprofit animal rescue partner, KAT Charities. All cats and kittens in our care have been fixed, microchipped, vaccinated, and treated for fleas, ticks, and worms.

KAT Charities’ adoption fee is $65 for all cats and kittens. If you’re interested in adopting any of our cats after your visit, please ask us for an adoption application on your way out.

If you would like to be pre-approved for adoption before your visit, download KAT Charities’ adoption application and email it to us at KAT Charities will be in touch with you within 24-72 hours of submission.

And now, meet our kitties:

Our Adoptable Residents

Female, approx 4 months old

Blanche and her sister Rose are our Golden Girls who were rescued from a sewer in Kalihi. Blanche loves to play with other kittens, especially with Rose, and her new BFF, Reina! Blanche is a quiet girl with a very loving personality, waiting to be the center of someone’s world. With a family that will help her build some confidence, we know she will be a lovebug cuddling up to the whole family.


Male, approx 2.5 years old

Diego can be a bit shy at first, but he’s a super friendly, green-eyed ginger kitty who loves people and other cats. Cuddling is his favorite hobby! You can usually find him hanging out by the cat tree near the entrance to our lounge, courting his human suitors… or straight-up passed out. Diego would do well with children and other cats, with the proper introduction.


Female, approx 2 years old

Eva was rescued from the North Shore, and is the perfect mix of sugar and spice! She’s adorable, playful, sweet, not at all graceful, and a snuggly purr-monster – but only on her terms. She has the face of an angel, paws of a Great Dane puppy, and a perpetual wink with suspected limited vision in her left eye. On top of all that greatness, Eva loves to sit with a corgi sploot! This goofball would do well in a home that treats her like the royalty she is. Eva enjoys human companionship, but again, on her own terms. Once you gain that extra special spot in her heart, she will happily be your best friend, reminding you just how annoying closed doors are to her. She’s selective about who she allows fully into her heart, but once you are in, she’s extremely devoted.


Female, approx 2 years old

Lily is our resilient tripod kitty who loves everyone! While KAT Charities volunteers were rescuing a dog at a beach on the Wai‘anae Coast, Lily dragged herself into the humane trap that had a breakfast sandwich as bait for the doggo! She was very skinny and one of her back legs had a bad break. KAT Charities took her to their vet, where they found that the leg couldn’t be saved, so KAT-C covered the cost to amputate. Lily is now fully recovered and has adapted well to life on three legs! She would do well in most homes, except large dogs make her nervous.


Male, approx 4 months old

Meet Macnut! This handsome boy is always ready to play with the energy and imagination to keep him busy for hours. He’s a sweet loving boy who loves people and adores other cats even more. He loves to wrestle, play tag with his kitty friends, explore, and wrap it all up with a nap, while cuddling his furry friends. Watching this little boy in action is amusement for days and we can’t blame him for wanting all the kitty cuddles. We want them, too!



Miss Bangles
Female, approx 10 years old

Miss Bangles doesn’t exactly “Walk Like an Egyptian,” but she struts her stuff all the same! She can be shy at first, but once she warms up to you, will rub up against you and give you the most affectionate head butts. Her previous guardian passed away suddenly, so Miss Bangles is in search of a new home to live out the rest of her years. She previously lived in a multi-cat home, so she would do well in a quiet home with other cats, with a proper, gradual introduction, and lots of human love to build up her confidence.


Female, approx 4 months old

Meet this little girl with a mysterious charm. She may just put her love spell on you; we’re sure she put one on us! Mystic is a sweet kitten who loves to play with other fellow kittens. Mystic loves toys, but what she really loves more than anything is playing with her kitty pals. Wrestling, playing tag, and having a furry cuddle buddy make her world go ’round. This social butterfly would make a great companion cat for another kitty in your home.


Orange Cat
Male, approx 2.5 years old

Yeah we know, Orange Cat doesn’t have the most extraordinary name, but he makes up for it with his extraordinary purrsonality. He’s kinda famous — he’s the cat featured on banner in our shop window! Orange Cat hasn’t let fame get to his head, though. He’s cool with children, as long as they don’t play rough, and with the proper introduction, will get along with other cats. Popoki + Tea alumni Winky and Angie are his sisters!


Female, approx 4 months old

Picante is happy to be the ringleader of your family circus. She’s happy to play guardian to younger kittens around and has become especially fond of her friend Greyson. She will show love to any kitten willing to cuddle and participate though. She’ll even happily lead an expedition through the house. Picante is gentle and loving when it comes to people, but has a wild side when it’s play time. She loves to chase wand toys and wrestle other kitties, while keeping a protective watch over her friends. She loves wet food and will sit with anticipation whenever she sees a can being open. She tries to be patient, but she wants it so much! Sometimes she can be a tad demanding… in the cutest way. If you’re looking to add a bit of spice to your life, Picante might be the family addition you didn’t know you needed.


Female, approx 3 months old

Reina can be a bit more shy about leading adventures and taking risks, but she’s vocal about her desires for love, affection, and food. After a strenuous play session, Reina would love nothing more than to cuddle in your arms, or warm your lap. Although she didn’t go out of her way to befriend the resident dogs in her foster home, she is comfortable with them. Reina would love to be your best friend. Will you be hers?


Female, approx 4 months old

Rose and her sister Blanche are the Golden Girls who were rescued from a sewer in Kalihi. Rose is now livin’ it up in our lounge, safe and dry! Rose is a bit shy, but once she warms up to you, loves cuddles and feather wand toys! She gets along well with other cats and kittens, and will thrive best in a quiet household where she’ll be given the patience and space to blossom… like her namesake!


More Cats with KAT Charities

The following adoptable cats are off-site in foster care with KAT Charities. More cats are available to view on KAT Charities’ Facebook page.

Female, approx 1 year old

Malaki is the Hawaiian word for the month of March, when she was found at Mililani Memorial Park. She was very young herself and already pregnant. Her four kittens were born premature and unfortunately, they all passed away. Like all of the cats and kittens in our lounge, Malaki is now fixed. Malaki spent some time with us in the cat lounge, where she started peeing a lot outside of the litter box, and drank about 7 cups of water a day, a very unusual amount of water for a cat. After three rounds of tests, Malaki was diagnosed with diabetes insipidus, a rare disorder that causes an imbalance of fluids in the body. Because of this, Malaki requires injections twice a day. The shots are easy to administer and Malaki doesn’t even notice them. To the right home, the care is worth it, as Malaki is extremely affectionate, chatty and gentle. Watch a video about Malaki on KAT Charities’ Facebook page.