Adopt a Cat

Our adoptable cats at Popoki + Tea were rescued as strays, found abandoned, or pulled from outdoor cat colonies by our nonprofit animal rescue partner, KAT Charities. Their volunteers go out to different parts of O‘ahu once or twice a week to rescue “forgotten” cats that could otherwise end up abused by passers-by or euthanized at the shelter.

All cats and kittens in our care have been fixed, microchipped, vaccinated, and treated for parasites. Kittens under 6 months old may require booster shots after adoption. Consult your vet for their recommended vaccination schedule. After adoption, cat care expenses, including vaccinations and other medical costs, are the responsibility of the adopter.

Adopters who go through KAT Charities and Popoki + Tea will receive a complimentary wellness exam with Purradise Cat Care, good for up to 30 days from the date of adoption. Adopters also receive a complimentary goodie bag with treats and toys, as well as our list of recommended cat supplies.

If you’re visiting to meet a specific kitten or cat for potential adoption, we recommend contacting us first to verify its availability. You may call us at 808.425.4131, or email us at meow (at)

Our Adoption Process

Effective April 1, 2021, KAT Charities’ adoption fee is $85 for all cats and kittens. Applicants must be at least 21 years old.

If you’re interested in adopting a cat or kitten, please fill out KAT Charities’ online adoption application. Please allow 24-72 hours after submission for KAT Charities to review your application and call you. Please do not contact Popoki + Tea about your application.

Once KAT Charities approves you for adoption, Popoki + Tea will call you to set up your adoption time. Adopters must be ready to adopt as soon as your application is approved; we do not put holds for cats. Please understand that at any given time, we have approximately 150 cats in line for our cat lounge, and we can only intake a new cat when an adoption occurs. Mahalo for your understanding!

And now, meet our kitties:

Our Adoptable Cats and Kittens

Female, approx 2 years old

Instead of decaf, consider Coffee for those warm vibes! She’s a mellow soul who loves to be pet, especially after she gets over her initial shyness. Coffee was transported from Aka‘ula Cat Garden, a cat sanctuary on Moloka‘i, as part of an ongoing collab with KAT Charities, in the hopes of upping her chances of finding her furrever home on O‘ahu.


Female, approx 2 months old

Dandelion has the most unique purr — it sounds like a mini tea kettle going off! She can be shy at first, but once she warms up to you, loves cuddles and pets. She also enjoys playing with other kitties her age.


Male, approx 2 years old

Eclipse is a sweet boy who can be a little shy at first, but we’ve cracked the code, which is quite simple: he absolutely loves attention, and loves to be pet! He and his brother Twilight were found abandoned in a residential area. A kind neighbor had been looking after the two cats, but had a couple of rambunctious dogs and couldn’t take them indoors to foster or adopt them. Twilight and Eclipse were rescued off the streets in collaboration between KAT Charities and Catopia Hawai‘i.


Female, approx 2-3 years old

Eva was rescued from the North Shore, and is the perfect mix of sugar and spice! She’s adorable, playful, sweet, not at all graceful, and a snuggly purr-monster – but only on her terms. She has the face of an angel, paws of a Great Dane puppy, and a perpetual wink with suspected limited vision in her left eye. On top of all that greatness, Eva loves to sit with a corgi sploot! This goofball would do well in a home that treats her like the royalty she is. Eva enjoys human companionship, but again, on her own terms. Once you gain that extra special spot in her heart, she will happily be your best friend, reminding you just how annoying closed doors are to her. She’s selective about who she allows fully into her heart, but once you are in, she’s extremely devoted.


Joe Cool
Male, approx 8-10 years old

Joe Cool is a friendly dude who was found abandoned in Kapolei. One day, while KAT Charities was training new volunteers how to humanely trap cats, Joe Cool simply walked right up to the group – no trap needed! He has some small scabs that are evidence of what can happen to friendly cats when they’re dumped in outdoor cat colonies – the poor guy was beaten up by some not-so-friendly cats. Fortunately, after Joe Cool made his chill introduction to the volunteers-in-training, he was taken out of that area and fostered at KAT Charities’ office.


Female, approx 2-3 years old

Lily is our resilient tripod kitty who loves everyone! While KAT Charities volunteers were rescuing a dog at a beach on the Wai‘anae Coast, Lily dragged herself into the humane trap that had a breakfast sandwich as bait for the doggo! She was very skinny and one of her back legs had a bad break. KAT Charities took her to their vet, where they found that the leg couldn’t be saved, so KAT-C covered the cost to amputate. Lily is now fully recovered and has adapted well to life on three legs! She would do well in most homes, except for families with large dogs, which make her nervous, or young children (under 10). (Photo: Kris Labang)


Male, approx 2 months old

Momerath has a ton of energy, even for a kitten! He loves to run around the lounge and chase other kittens, or play with wand toys. If you see him napping, he’s just recharging his batteries for the next round! He thrives being around other kitties, and gets visibly lonely and depressed otherwise, so we strongly recommend he go to a home where he can play with other kittens, or be adopted with another kitten close in age. By the way, if you know where Momerath’s name comes from, then you are a true Alice in Wonderland fan! Momerath and his siblings were found inside a crevice of a headstone, where their mom left them. Their mother was trapped, as well, and spayed.


Female, approx 3-4 months old

We don’t see very many calico-Siamese mix cats – and we see a lot of cats – so Pebbles is quite a stunner! She was originally found abandoned in a volunteer’s driveway in the Kalihi area. Pebbles is happy to be with other kitties, and also has an independent spirit, so she could do well either with other cats (with a gradual introduction) or as the only cat in the household. She’s never been fostered with dogs, though she may do fine with them with a gradual introduction.


Princess Grace
Female, approx 1-2 years old

Princess Grace is a shy, friendly girl who hasn’t fully realized that she’s royalty, but with time, patience, and love, she’ll grow comfortable and show you her crown! She was found abandoned in a residential neighborhood. A kind neighbor did as much as she could to keep her safe from the dangers of the outdoors, going so far as to let her ride in her car as she ran errands, but couldn’t bring her in her house to foster or adopt her. A KAT Charities board member fostered Princess Grace until she was ready to arrive in our cat lounge, where she’ll eventually find a family who will treat her like the royalty she is!


Female, approx 2 months old

26 was found with her sister 24 in ‘Aiea. Of the two, 26 is more of the extrovert, though she also loves to cuddle with her shy sister.


Male, approx 2 years old

Twilight is a bit shyer than his brother Eclipse, but with lots of love and patience, we know he’ll get comfortable and shine like the moonlight once he’s ready! He and his brother Eclipse were found abandoned in a residential area. A kind neighbor had been looking after the two cats, but had a couple of rambunctious dogs and couldn’t take them indoors to foster or adopt them. Twilight and Eclipse were rescued off the streets in collaboration between KAT Charities and Catopia Hawai‘i.


Male, approx 9 months old

Wolfie is our mellow panther who loves cuddles, pets, and being held — he’s kinda shy but all he wants is love! Wolfie’s rescue was definitely an outpouring of love, a community effort among volunteers, veterinarians, specialists, and local cat lovers. He was originally found dying in a wet cardboard box. Over $5,000 was raised on the Facebook group Catopia Hawai‘i to save Wolfie’s life. Wolfie has a wobble when he walks, a remnant from his fight for survival, and requires no further treatment. He also has what look like cataracts in both of his eyes — we’ve been calling them “nebula eyes” — which have been confirmed to be cosmetic, and Wolfie can still see out of both eyes. Here’s to hoping Wolfie finds a family who will give him all the love he desires and deserves for the rest of his nine lives!