Adopt a Cat

Our adoptable cats at Popoki + Tea were rescued as strays or from the risk of euthanasia by our nonprofit animal rescue partner KAT Charities, and have been fixed, microchipped, vaccinated, and treated for fleas, ticks, and worms.

If you’re interested in adopting, please download and complete KAT Charities’ adoption application and email it to us at KAT Charities will be in touch with you within 24-72 hours of submission. Mahalo!


Female, approx 3 months old

Blanche and her sister Rose are the Golden Girls who were rescued from a sewer in Kalihi. They’re now livin’ it up in our lounge, safe and dry! Blanche is the more outgoing one of the two sisters, and loves to play with her sister and the other kittens here. She gets along well with other cats and kittens.


Female, approx 1 year old

Originally found in Nanakuli by a former car wash – hence her name – Bubbles is a runway supermodel who doesn’t know that she’s one quite yet. You might be convinced that Bubbles’ enormous golden eyes and long legs are Photoshopped, but we assure you, she is au naturale! This mini mountain lion, with an appetite to match, may be a little skittish upon first sight, but once she warms up, Bubbles is an adventurous spirit, who loves to perch in high places and is down to join you for every step of your daily routine. She’ll follow you everywhere, especially if it means she gets to rub up on everything along the way! She gets along well with other cats, sometimes even snuggling with them.


Cheeto (temporarily in foster care)
Male, approx 1.5 years old

Cheeto was rescued from a cat colony managed by our partner rescue, KAT Charities. Volunteers noticed how friendly Cheeto was, as he regularly approached them to be pet. They realized Cheeto belonged indoors in a loving home. Cheeto loves to follow you and sneak between your legs as you walk around, so heads up! He likes sharing the same bed as his people and is very loving to both dogs and cats. Cheeto is guaranteed to brighten up his future family’s home!


Male, approx 3 months old

Looking for a hunter extraordinaire to add to your home? This sweet boy may just be the furry companion you’re looking for! He has so much energy and loves to hunt toys, feet, other kitties, you name it. Dapper absolutely loves to play and is not afraid to play with the big kitties. Don’t worry, he slows down eventually and is a total love bug. Cuddles are a great way to unwind from a hunt! His purr is pretty quiet, but that cuddle time with you is the highlight of his day. His sister, Pele, is also with us in our lounge, though they aren’t necessarily bonded and can go to separate homes.


Male, approx 2 years old

Diego can be a bit shy at first, but he’s a super friendly, green-eyed ginger kitty who loves people and other cats. Cuddling is his favorite hobby! You can usually find him hanging out by the cat tree near the entrance to our lounge, courting his human suitors… or straight-up passed out. Diego would do well with children and other cats, with the proper introduction.


Female, approx 6 months old

Ember was found as a tiny kitten at Blaisdell Park in Pearl City. Her foster tells us that her purr-sonality is as fiery as her name! Ember is still getting used to the cat lounge, so please be patient as she works her way up to making her public debut! She would do best in a quiet home with no children.


Male, approx 9 years old

Gingy was rescued from Malaekahana Campground on Windward O‘ahu, a friendly cat who turned out to have been abandoned by a previous owner. He has a “cauliflower” right ear, likely caused by a previous infection. His ear isn’t infected anymore, and his hearing is unaffected, but it caused permanent damage to its appearance. Gingy is a passive cat, and would do well with other less assertive cats with a proper introduction.


Gracie (temporarily in foster care)
Female, approx 10 years old

Gracie comes to us from a Niu Valley cat colony . She’s a mellow, pretty cat who sometimes feels the urge to share her opinions with you! She can be a little wary of you at first, but can’t resist a good petting session! She would do well with other cats with a proper introduction. Gracie is temporarily with a foster as she acclimates to indoor living, and is still available for adoption.


Female, approx 1 year old

Jade was rescued from a Kapolei parking lot and is waiting to meet you! She likes a slow pace and is likely to be a bit reserved at first. However, once Jade is comfortable with you, she would love to be pet and loved on. Chances are, you won’t find her in the middle of the play circles, but rather off in her own corner observing and enjoying the peace and quiet. With patience, a slow approach and a gentle touch, she will certainly come around. Only then will you truly see her shining personality.


Female, approx 3 months old

Our neighbors at Kaimuki Auto Repair called us about an orange kitten who had hopped in the undercarriage of a customer’s car. Like the princess she is, she simply needed a carriage! The photo above was taken the day Kaimuki Auto called us. After spending some time with a foster, the kitten, now named Jodi, is back in Kaimuki in our cat lounge! Jodi loves to play with other kitties, and like a princess, loves to be groomed and pampered. She’s quite charming and typically gets her way! She’s now ready to find a family to rule with, and a castle for them all to share, ideally with other kitty friends!


Orange Cat
Male, approx 2 years old

Yeah we know, Orange Cat doesn’t have the most extraordinary name, but he makes up for it with his extraordinary purrsonality. He’s kinda famous — he’s the cat featured on the home page of our website, and in the photo in our shop window! Orange Cat hasn’t let fame get to his head, though. He’s cool with children, as long as they don’t play rough, and with the proper introduction, will get along with other cats. Winky and our adopted alumna Angie are his sisters!


Female, approx 3 months old

Pele may always dress to impress, but she’s certainly not afraid to get her paws dirty, too! She’s a feisty adventurer who will purr away when she gets in the zone. She just can’t help herself! Pele enjoys checking out new surroundings and will quickly become the kitten in charge – hence her goddess name! She can be a little bossy at times, but it’s just how she keeps order with her surroundings. Pele will play with all toys, but goes absolutely crazy for the feather wand ones! Her brother, Dapper, is also with us in our lounge, but they aren’t necessarily bonded, and can go to separate homes.


Piggy, a.k.a. Prince
Male, approx 3 years old

Piggy and his sister Mochi were rescued from the same residence, where they were found in small enclosures. This handsome kitty likely has not known life outside of a cage, so being in our cat lounge is quite the luxurious shift for him! He’s just coming out of his shell and we’re starting to see how playful and goofy he can be. He loves his catnip and our cat shelves! He’d do fine with other cats with a proper introduction.


Popcorn, a.k.a. Poppy
Female, approx 9 years old

Popcorn was rescued from a cat colony after a volunteer noticed how friendly she was… don’t let that “resting cat face” fool you into thinking otherwise! She is really patient with children, so she would do well in a variety of households. She generally gets along with other cats and kittens; however, we think she has a form of PTSD from her years outdoors, because she does seem fearful of cats who are larger than her. Overall, she’s a really sweet cat, despite a hard life in the wild, and we hope she’ll find a loving and safe forever home!


Female, approx 3 months old

Rose and her sister Blanche are the Golden Girls who were rescued from a sewer in Kalihi. They’re now livin’ it up in our lounge, safe and dry! Rose is a bit more shy than her sister, but once she warms up to you, loves cuddles and feather wand toys! She gets along well with other cats and kittens, and will thrive best in a quiet household where she’ll be given the patience and space to blossom… like her namesake!


Female, approx 8 months old

Star is a docile, chill kitty who absolutely loves to be pet, especially chin rubs and butt scratches! Star also drools when she purrs, haha! She’s a fragile but independent spirit and will do fine with working parents and older children. She’s shy in new environments, and while she gets along with other cats just fine – as long as they aren’t extremely assertive – she just needs extra time to develop trust with them. Her favorite cat toys are the balls with the bells inside and the crinkle foil balls.

Star was found along with 12 other cats at Tracks Beach in Nanakuli in February. When she was found, she had a bad upper respiratory infection, and her eyes were also severely infected, with a laceration by her right eye. Fortunately, she didn’t go blind, as she was found just in time! She is still able to see out of both eyes and does not need any further treatment. However, the infection has limited her overhead vision, so when petting her, please approach her head-on or from the sides.