Adopt a Cat

All of our adoptable cats were rescued from the risk of euthanasia by our animal rescue partner KAT Charities, and have been fixed, microchipped, vaccinated, and treated for worms and fleas.

If you’re interested in adopting and would like to arrange a private adoption visit while we’re closed to the public, please download and complete KAT Charities’ adoption application and email it to us at KAT Charities will be in touch with you within 24-72 hours of submission. After your call with KAT Charities, Popoki + Tea will reach out to you to schedule your private visit. Mahalo!


Big Red
Male, 10 months old

Big Red, named after his deep cinnamon eyes, was found by Diamond Head. A friendly and engaging cat, Big Red clearly did not belong there. He’s now safe and sound in our cat lounge. Big Red is a chatty fellow who loves face rubs, and is cool with other pets.


Female, 10 months old

Originally found in Nānākuli by a former car wash – hence her name – Bubbles is a runway supermodel who doesn’t know that she’s one quite yet. You might be convinced that Bubbles’ enormous golden eyes and long legs are Photoshopped, but we assure you, she is au naturale! This mini mountain lion, with an appetite to match, may be a little skittish upon first sight, but once she warms up, Bubbles is an adventurous spirit, who loves to perch in high places and is down to join you for every step of your daily routine. She’ll follow you everywhere, especially if it means she gets to rub up on everything along the way! She gets along well with other cats, sometimes even snuggling with them.


Male, 2 years old

Meet Dauntless! He’s an independent soul with a heart of gold, with the perfect mix of enthusiasm and chill. He’s the first to try to make friends with other cats and doesn’t take no for an answer. He’s aware of his voice and is not afraid to use it to make his desires known. He gets intimidated sometimes by loud noises, but he understands the importance of overcoming his fears; he works hard at living up to his name, with the help of kitty and human friends. Dauntless is looking for humans who can see his shining personality, give him the relaxing life he deserves, and provide lots of snacks – he’s very much a foodie!


Male, 2 years old

Diego can be a bit shy at first, but he’s a super friendly, green-eyed ginger kitty who loves people and other cats. Cuddling is his favorite hobby! You can usually find him hanging out by the cat tree near the entrance to our lounge, courting his human suitors… or straight-up passed out. Diego would do well with children and other cats, with the proper introduction.


Male, 9 years old

Gingy was rescued from Malaekahana Campground on Windward O‘ahu, a friendly cat who turned out to have been abandoned by a previous owner. He has a “cauliflower” right ear, likely caused by a previous infection. His ear isn’t infected anymore, and his hearing is unaffected, but it caused permanent damage to its appearance. Gingy is a passive cat, and would do well with other less assertive cats with a proper introduction.


Female, 10 years old

Gracie comes to us from a Niu Valley cat colony. She’s a mellow, pretty cat who sometimes feels the urge to share her opinions with you! She can be a little wary of you at first, but can’t resist a good petting session! She would do well with other cats with a proper introduction.


Female, 10 months old

Keona was found near Pearlridge Center, pregnant with kittens, despite only being 4-5 months old herself at the time. Unfortunately, her kittens didn’t survive, but Keona is now spayed and healthy, ready for her furrever home! This sweet, sassy and petite house panther is looking forward to a new lease on life! She’s outgoing and would do well with most families, and would thrive in a home where she can be the solo cat.


Male, 2 years old

Mahley was found behind an old car wash in Nānākuli. While awaiting his “fix” surgery, the medical staff discovered how friendly Mahley was. He’s still getting used to things in our lounge, so he’s still a bit shy, but once he warms up to you, you’ll discover what a sweet and chatty boy he can be!


Female, 3 years old

Ma‘ili was found at Ma‘ili Beach in Wai‘anae, hence her name! She looks eternally sleepy, but appearances can be deceiving: she’s outgoing, chirpy and loves to be pet. Her right eye is a bit cloudy, possibly an early onset cataract, but doesn’t require any special care. Ma‘ili does fine with other cats, and is a versatile cat who will do well with a variety of families.


Mini Nema
Female, 7 months old

Mini Nema is a sweet and adventurous girl, named after Popoki + Tea alumna Nema, because she looks so much like her, including a case of Resting Cat Face! Mini Nema was found in Pearl City, homeless and pregnant while still a kitten herself. She was brought inside to safely deliver and nurse her young before being fixed. One of her kittens unfortunately did not survive birth, while the other two are now in foster care. Mini Nema quickly fell in love with the idea of a human family and enjoyed the luxuries of indoor life. Mini Nema is sooooo ready to find a family of her own that is willing to make her dream come true of going from “rags to riches”.


Female, 3 years old

Mochi was found with her brother Piggy in a small enclosure at a private residence. She’s a social cat who is learning about life outside of a cage! Mochi does well with other cats and will thrive in a quiet home.


Orange Cat
Male, 2 years old

Yeah we know, Orange Cat doesn’t have the most extraordinary name, but he makes up for it with his extraordinary purrsonality. He’s kinda famous — he’s the cat featured on the home page of our website, and in the photo in our shop window! Orange Cat hasn’t let fame get to his head, though. He’s cool with children, as long as they don’t play rough, and with the proper introduction, will get along with other cats. Winky and our adopted alumna Angie are his sisters!


Male, 3 years old

Piggy and his sister Mochi were rescued from the same residence, where they were found in small enclosures. This handsome kitty likely has not known life outside of a cage, so being in our cat lounge is quite the luxurious shift for him! He’s just coming out of his shell and we’re starting to see how playful and goofy he can be. He loves his catnip and our cat shelves! He’d do fine with other cats with a proper introduction.


Female, 6 months old

Ripples was rescued just down the road from our cat cafe, at the intersection of Wai‘alae Avenue and St. Louis Heights Drive. She was named after a restaurant in that area. Ripples can be shy at first, but once she warms up to you, loves to be pet and offers the cutest head butts. She’s okay with other cats around, but would thrive in a home where she can be the sole cat.


Male, 1 year old

Sammie has perfected the art of cuddling! He loves to greet his human friends by plopping on their laps and rubbing his face against theirs. He does drool a little when he cuddles, but it just makes him even more endearing. It’s so easy to tell when he’s happy. Want a playful cat? Sammie is your guy. Looking for a cuddler? Yup, it’s Sammie. Have other cats at home? Even better – he’d love that!


Male, 2 years old

Toby was found as a kitten near an auto body shop in Pearl City. By the time he was ready for adoption, he was passed up at adoption events because he was already past the cute kitten stage, and because of his timid personality. We’re hoping someone will give this guy a chance! This mellow little fella would do best in a quiet home.


Female, 2 years old

Winky’s self-esteem has seen better days. At past adoption events, people would say things like, “Ew, what’s wrong with her eye?” She can still partially see out of her damaged right eye, and removing it would have been purely for cosmetic reasons. Winky will need all the self-esteem-boosting love that one can give her! This shy girl appreciates gentle petting, and would do best in a quiet home.