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Lucy found her forever home on May 30, 2021. (Adoption #256)

Apply to adopt via KAT Charities


Our adoptable cats at Popoki + Tea are from our 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal rescue partner, KAT Charities. Their boots-on-the-ground volunteers rescue cats and kittens islandwide. Often, they find cats when they’re most vulnerable, and are given a second chance at life, instead of an automatic death sentence at the local shelter for being unfairly labeled as “feral” — to the contrary, our cats are some of the sweetest you’ll ever meet! KAT Charities’ network of volunteer fosters care for these cats medically, emotionally, and socially until they’re ready to find their forever homes.

Our cats and kittens are:

  • Sterilized (spayed/neutered)
  • Microchipped
  • Up-to-date on vaccinations*
  • Given a monthly flea preventative and at least one round of dewormer

*Kittens under 6 months old have received their first shots and will likely require additional booster shots after adoption. Discuss a recommended vaccination schedule with your veterinarian. After adoption, all medical costs are the responsibility of the adopter.

Our adopters receive:

  • Complimentary wellness exam with Purradise Cat Care, good up to 30 days from adoption date
  • Complimentary goodie bag with treats and toys

If you’re visiting to meet a specific kitten or cat, we recommend contacting us first to verify its availability, since adoptions can sometimes happen fast! You may call us at 808.425.4131, or email us at meow (at) popokiandtea.com.

Our Adoption Process

Effective April 1, 2021, KAT Charities’ adoption fee is $85 for all cats and kittens. This adoption fee helps KAT Charities cover the various medical costs incurred to get their rescue cats and kittens vetted and healthy.

Applicants must be at least 21 years old and will be asked for proof of identification.

If you’re interested in adopting a cat or kitten, please fill out KAT Charities’ online adoption application. Please allow 24-72 hours after submission for KAT Charities to review your application and call you. Please do not contact Popoki + Tea about your application, as we do not have access to this information. The decision of whether or not you qualify to adopt is solely and entirely made by KAT Charities.

Once KAT Charities approves you for adoption, Popoki + Tea will call you to set up your adoption time. Adopters must be ready to adopt upon approval; we do not put holds on cats. Please understand that at any given time, we have approximately 150 cats in line for our cat lounge, and we can only intake a new cat when an adoption occurs. Mahalo for your understanding!

Our Adoptable Cats and Kittens

Female, approx 2 months old

This sweetheart is a lady of fashion strutting those beautiful white boots of hers everywhere she goes. While she gazes out your window she will be turning heads with her sweet demeanor and adorable personality. Grab a feather toy and meet this baby. You won’t regret it.


Male, approx 2 months old

22 is the sweetest baby and his foster’s favorite — and as an experienced bottle-baby foster, that says something! 22’s needy charm and unwavering love and attention to his siblings and every human he meets is simply irresistible. We doubt this boy will be available for long!


Female, approx 2 months old

23 is a huntress! She is high-energy with a curious mind and busy paws. You can find 23 pouncing on her siblings, scaling a cat tree, or otherwise creating new adventures for herself.


Female, approx 2 years old

Instead of decaf, consider Coffee for those warm vibes! She’s highly caffeinated with “tortitude” and serves up equal doses of sassy and sweet! She would do well either as a solo cat or with other cats with a gradual introduction. Coffee was transported from Aka‘ula Cat Garden, a cat sanctuary on Moloka‘i, as part of an ongoing collab with KAT Charities, in the hopes of upping her chances of finding her furrever home on O‘ahu.


Male, approx 2 months old

Comet and his brother Champagne (adopted) were found abandoned in someone’s yard in Ewa Beach, and placed with a foster until they were ready for our cat lounge. He likes to cuddle with our other kittens and would do best with another kitten friend, if at all possible.


Female, approx 6 months old

Dani and her sister were very spicy tamales when they were initially found: very hissy and unfamiliar with humans. Fortunately, they were small kittens, so they were young enough to be turned around — and turn around, they did! Dani can be a little shy at first and just needs to be assured that she’s in a safe place. She’s a subdued kitty who likes to hang out in a cat bed. But don’t be fooled: Dani also enjoys chasing interactive feather toys, too! We recommend she be adopted with a similarly low-key kitten or cat. Lately, she has taken a liking to our kitten named 25!


Male, approx 2 years old

Eclipse is a sweet boy who can be a little shy at first, but we’ve cracked the code, which is quite simple: he absolutely loves attention, and loves to be pet! He and his brother were found abandoned in a residential area. A kind neighbor had been looking after the two cats, but had a couple of rambunctious dogs and couldn’t take them indoors to foster or adopt them. Eclipse was rescued off the streets in collaboration between KAT Charities and Catopia Hawai‘i.


Female, approx 3 years old

Eva was rescued from the North Shore, and is the perfect mix of sugar and spice! She’s adorable, playful, sweet, not at all graceful, and a snuggly purr-monster – but only on her terms. She has the face of an angel, paws of a Great Dane puppy, and a perpetual wink with suspected limited vision in her left eye. On top of all that greatness, Eva loves to sit with a corgi sploot! This goofball would do well in a home that treats her like the royalty she is. Eva enjoys human companionship, but again, on her own terms. Once you gain that extra special spot in her heart, she will happily be your best friend, reminding you just how annoying closed doors are to her. She’s selective about who she allows fully into her heart, but once you are in, she’s extremely devoted.


Male, approx 8-10 years old

Fievel comes to us in Kaimuki from Kalihi, so instead of Fievel goes west, Fievel goes east! He’s a mellow guy who’d rather sit on the sidelines and spend one-on-one time with you, either beside you, or if you’re lucky, in your lap! KAT Charities found Fievel while they were rescuing cats in Kalihi. He made quite an impression when he kept weaving himself around the volunteers’ legs. Fievel is a peaceful soul who was beaten up by other cats, another reason why KAT Charities’ rescue work is so important. He had an abscess from his battles, which was successfully removed. Fievel is a mature, cuddly guy who needs a home where he can spend the rest of his years living in love and peace.


Female, approx 3-4 months old

Bio coming soon


Female, approx 2 years old

Jade was originally rescued from a busy Kapolei parking lot. You may be wondering why she’s missing her right eye. Like one of our other cats, Jodi, Jade is a survivor of a fatal infection called FIP (feline infectious peritonitis). The form of FIP Jade had affected her eyes. Fortunately, with an off-label 84-day treatment, Jade won the battle against FIP, and lost her right eye in the battle. Jade likes a slow pace and is likely to be a bit reserved at first. However, once Jade is comfortable with you, she would love to be pet and loved on. Chances are, you won’t find her in the middle of raucous play circles, but rather off in her own corner or in a bed, observing and enjoying the peace and quiet. Don’t be intimidated by her, because she absolutely loves to be pet! With patience, a slow approach and a gentle touch, she will certainly come around. Only then will you truly see her shining personality! For resources related to FIP, please visit fipwarriors.com.


Female, approx 1.5 years old

Jodi is an unassuming but gorgeous orange tabby with the most stunning yellow eyes — and the most epic story of survival. Last summer, our neighbors at Kaimuki Auto Repair called us about an orange kitten who had hopped out of the undercarriage of a customer’s car. Like the princess she is, Jodi simply needed a carriage! After spending some time with a foster, Jodi arrived at Popoki + Tea. Not long after she arrived, we noticed she was rapidly losing weight and muscle mass. A vet diagnosed her with FIP (feline infectious peritonitis), a fatal viral infection that has no official cure. However, there is a non-FDA approved, 84-day treatment for FIP called Mutian. Because of its non-FDA status, veterinarians cannot offer this as a treatment, and will usually recommend euthanasia. Mutian’s unregulated status also means the treatment is extremely expensive, approx $1,400 for the 84-day course. Despite the exorbitant cost, KAT Charities treated her for the full term, and after an observation period, was confirmed to be FIP free. Long story short, Jodi has beaten the odds and is an FIP survivor. For resources related to FIP, please visit fipwarriors.com.


Male, approx 8-10 years old

Marbles is such an affectionate dude with a beautiful marbled coat, hence his name! He may go around you in circles and politely ask you to be pet. In fact, we had such a hard time getting a still photo of him, so we had to take a video and use this screengrab! Marbles also likes to nap by our window and “knead dough” in his bed — he’s a professional baker and takes his job seriously! He was transported from Moloka‘i to O‘ahu through KAT Charities’ collab with Aka‘ula Cat Garden, Moloka‘i’s only sanctuary for cats. Volunteers at Aka‘ula Cat Garden arrived to work one day and found Marbles left on their doorstep, presumably abandoned by his previous owners. He’s ready for his second chance at a forever home!


Male, approx 1-2 years old

Mitchell is a chill, friendly cat, sort of like that guy at the party with the snack tray, ready to offer you a snack, welcome you, and help make you feel comfy! When he’s not sitting on top of our cat food bin, he’s mingling with our guests, open to gratuitous petting and attention. He was found in Kapolei, clearly accustomed to people, so he was pulled off the streets for his chance at a forever home.


Male, approx 3 years old

Rocko is a sweetheart! He’s still taking it slow and getting used to things around here, but has already started making friends with some of our cats, especially Marina and Dino! Rocko knows his name and will respond to it, and he absolutely loves belly rubs and chin scritches! KAT Charities found Rocko and several other cats on a military base. He was microchipped to a family who had moved away. The family claimed that Rocko had escaped from their house and they couldn’t find him before they moved. They turned down KAT Charities’ offer to ship Rocko back to reunite him with them, so he’s now looking for a second chance at a forever home! Rocko would do well with other friendly, low-key cats, or by himself with lots of opportunities for affection.


Female, approx 2-3 months old

Bio coming soon!


Male, approx 2-3 months old

Prepare to be drawn over to the dark side with this handsome little face! Vader has it all: affection, charisma, and don’t forget his good looks. He was found with his siblings Peppa and Marv on the westside, and has really come into his own while in foster care!