Our Adoptable Cats and Kittens

Here are the cats and kittens currently living in our lounge and available for adoption, unless marked with a “pending adoption” note. We foster 15-20 cats at a time. If you’re interested in adopting a cat, please visit our adoption page for details.


Female, approx 6 months

Arista is a sweet girl who was a 4-week-old kitten when she was rescued. Her spicy, feral mother was young and inexperienced, so luckily Arista was found, while her mother was fixed and released back into the wild. Arista can be shy at first, but will ultimately ask for pets and attention!


Female, approx 3 months old

Cleopatra was found in a box on a beach with her brother Pharaoh and P+T alumni Khepri and Keira. Cleo is a spunky girl who will thrive with another kitten in the house — perhaps Pharaoh!


Echo (tabby) and Morgan (black)
Female and Male, approx 3 months old

Echo and Morgan are litter mates who were found in Ewa Beach while volunteers were rescuing multiple feral cats to get spayed and neutered. Because they’re so young, Echo and Morgan were put into foster care to be socialized, with the goal of adopting them out, and they quickly warmed up to the spoils of indoor living! Echo and Morgan are a bonded pair that need each other to thrive, so they must go to the same home.


John John
Male, approx 3 months old

Bio coming soon!


Leila (bonded with Nora)
Female, approx 3 months old

Leila and her sister Nora were found during a trap-neuter-return (TNR) mission. Leila was rescued after the volunteers found Nora, who had willingly walked into their humane trap. Leila and Nora are sweet-but-timid kittens who will need lots of love and cuddles to let them know that they are now safe and out of harm’s way. Your patience will be rewarded with their unconditional love.


Female, approx 1-2 years old

Lucy is a gentle, sweet and social soul who’s seen some hard times. She was the sole survivor of a litter of kittens that were found in Wai‘anae after a storm. After several months in foster care, Lucy found a loving home. After her owner suddenly passed away, Lucy ended up back with KAT Charities as a young adult. She found her second home last May, but her family unfortunately broke their promise of a forever home and abandoned her at the humane society before they moved off-island. Fortunately, KAT Charities was notified since they were still the contact on Lucy’s microchip, and she’s now back in our lounge. Lucy absolutely adores people, so we have faith she will quickly find a home she can truly call forever.


Female, approx 4 months old

Makana was found at Ka Makana Ali‘i, the shopping mall in Kapolei, hence her name. She has lots of energy, and in foster care, loved to run on a large cat wheel! Her foster also had other cats and dogs, and Makana got along with all of them. Makana was very sick when KAT Charities found her, and for the following 3 months, she received the treatment and love she needed to make a full recovery. The only remnant from this period is her unusual left eye, which requires no further treatment, aside from an occasional wipe with a warm washcloth as needed.


Female, approx 3 months old

Bio coming soon!


Male, approx 1 year old

Nadir is such a gentle, sweet soul who will flop over on his side when he’s love-drunk and in need of your belly and back rubs. A couple of passers-by found Nadir in a closed carrier on the side of the road on top of his discarded cat tree, out in the hot sun, taken out like trash. He had no food and water in that carrier, and we don’t know how long he was trapped out there, so we’re thankful someone found him. We wouldn’t fault Nadir for holding a grudge against people after this, but his unconditional love for people is unwavering.


Nora (bonded with Leila)
Female, approx 3 months old

Nora and her sister Leila were found during a trap-neuter-return (TNR) mission. Nora went into the humane trap willingly because she was absolutely starving! She and her sister are sweet-but-timid kittens who will need lots of cuddles to let them know that they are now safe and out of harm’s way. Your patience will be rewarded with their unconditional love.


Male, approx 3 months

Pharaoh is the sweet prince you’ve been dreaming of, with a ‘stache that goes on for days! He and his sister Cleopatra, along with P+T alumni Khepri and Keira, were found in a box on a beach one day. Fortunately, KAT Charities took good care of them until they were ready to come to us. Pharaoh is a bundle of energy and would thrive with another kitten in the home — perhaps Cleopatra!


Female, approx 2 months old

Pip was found with four other kittens in Waipahu, where KAT Charities was capturing free-roaming cats to have fixed. She’s a tiny bundle of energy and would thrive with another kitten to play with, as she certainly does in our lounge!


Princess Grace
Female, approx 2 years old

Like your royals with some spunk? Princess Grace is your gal! Princess Grace, or “PG” for short, can be shy at first and can take some time to get used to new places. Once she makes herself comfortable, her large personality will let loose! She has her opinions and she will make them known, and she’s also the type to weave around your legs and request your attention. Princess has known a home before, and is ready to try again and reign your kingdom forever.


Female, approx 8 months old

This sweet little girl is looking for her new furrever human playmates! Pua is always down to chase lasers, feathers, and pretty much anything that moves. She’s a fast-paced girl who loves to play with our other kitties, but also excels at napping and cuddling. Pua would do great in a home with those who can keep up with her energy! Pua was part of a group of kittens that were saved from a Waimānalo neighborhood that also included Kio, and Popoki + Tea alumni Lisa, Nicole, and Mario.


Male, approx 6 months old

Let Ray be your ray of sunshine in your life! True to his name, Ray likes to lay by our window and enjoy the sunshine. Ray also loves other feline company, so we would recommend he go to a home with at least one other friendly, low-key cat. Ray and his siblings were found as neonatal kittens and raised by a foster.



Spooky (bonded with Sticky)
Female, approx 10 months old

Spooky is our shy gal who’s ready to bloom! She tends to hang out in a bed or a cat tree, but when the time is right, has been known to play with feather toys and other kittens. Once she’s comfortable in your home, she’ll seek out your lap to hang out on. She shares a special bond with Sticky, and they must be adopted together.


Sticky (bonded with Spooky)
Male, approx 10 months old

Sticky is a quirky kitty with a quirky name! This boy was found outside of a church with several other kittens and cats with bad upper respiratory infections, with Sticky’s being the worst — that’s why his name is Sticky! While he was in foster care, Sticky got better, and while he isn’t literally sticky anymore, his name has taken on a different meaning, as he loves being around people and fellow cats alike. He especially loves playing with his BFF Spooky, and they must be adopted together.


Toe Beans
Male, approx 2 months old

Toe Beans was found under a house in Makakilo with P+T alumni Hiccup and two other siblings. He’s a bit shy at first, so he would definitely benefit being with another kitten his age in the home.