Our Adoptable Cats and Kittens

Here are the cats and kittens currently living in our lounge and available for adoption, unless marked with a “pending adoption” note. We foster 15-20 cats at a time. If you’re interested in adopting a cat, please visit our adoption page for details. We update the kitties’ bios as we get to know our cats more!


Female, approx 1 year

If you need a furry companion while reading your Agatha Christie novels, we’ve got the purrfect feline for you! Agatha is a refined young lady who would love your company and attention, and does well by herself or with other cats. She’s quite the survivor! She was rescued as a newborn on the side of King Street, out in the pouring rain. A bus rider noticed Agatha and along with KAT Charities, helped get her to safety.


Female, approx 1 year

Arista is a sweet girl who was a 4-week-old kitten when she was rescued. Her mother was young and inexperienced, so luckily Arista was found and cared for by a foster. Arista can be shy at first, but once she gets comfortable, she’ll meow at you to ask for pets and attention. She especially loves to meow at us whenever we’re bringing the food dishes out because she knows it’s meal time! Arista would do well either as the only cat in the home or with another cat friend.


Male, approx 1 year

This sweet gentleman was absolutely nothing like the name he came in with, so we renamed him “Aslan” for his regal lion-like looks and his warm personality! Aslan is a super friendly guy who will likely approach you for your pets and attention. This guy was a starving teenage kitten when he was found in Salt Lake. Now on his way into adulthood, Aslan is in search of a forever home. Could it be yours? Aslan does well with other cats but could possibly also be the only cat in the home.


Female, approx 5 years

Ironically, Baby is a grown lady! She loves hanging out in the cubbies in our cat trees, as pictured, and will happily accept your pets and chin scritches! Baby does well with other cats, and could also do well as the only cat in the home. Baby was tragically left behind after her previous family left the island and were told by their airline that they could not accept any more cats on the plane. Fortunately, Baby ended up at a safe cat sanctuary. The sanctuary team noticed how friendly and affectionate Baby is, and felt she deserved a purrfect life indoors with a family to love her. We totally agree!


Female, approx 5 months

Need an energy boost? How ’bout a dose of Chai? Chai is a super sweet and spunky kitty who enjoys playing with other kitties. She can be a little shy at first meeting, but she doesn’t take long to settle in and show you her affectionate self. Chai was among several dozen cats and kittens that were rescued and fixed (TNR) from a Waimānalo neighborhood to help manage O‘ahu’s cat population.


Female, approx 3 years

Cricket is the sweetest, gentlest girl! She’s tried at love several times, and keeps striking out… her resilience inspires us. She was initially rescued as an abandoned pet in Wai‘anae. After her rescue, Cricket was adopted through KAT Charities last year, but that family didn’t work out. We’re trying again to find this sweet girl a home that will truly be forever!


Female, approx 1 year

Doodle was rescued from the Pearl Harbor area with her kittens Grafitti, Muse and Hue, who have all found their forever homes. Doodle is an extremely affectionate cat who loves kittens, and has given much of herself in helping to raise kittens at KAT Charities’ office. Pastel, who also found her forever home through us, was one of her hanai kittens. It’s now Doodle’s turn to find a loving forever home of her own! Due to her tendency to keep to herself, we think she would do best as the only cat in the household.


Male, approx 4 months

Jimmy is a ton of fun! He and his siblings Max and Lindsey love goofing off in our lounge! He and Max especially love to rough and tumble together. Jimmy would do well with other cats and/or with an energetic family!


Male, approx 1 year

Kio’s the kind of guy who can act like he’s too cool for school, but at the end of the day, enjoys back rubs so much, he’ll give you that elevator butt to show you he’s enjoying it! Kio was part of a group of kittens that were saved from a Waimānalo neighborhood that also included Pua, and Popoki + Tea alumni Lisa, Nicole, and Mario. Because of his shyness, we think Kio would thrive best in a home with a similarly shy or low-key cat.


Male, approx 7 months

Luck was on this guy’s side when he was found behind a fast-food restaurant in Ewa Beach! Lucky is eager to get to know everyone who walks through our doors — don’t be surprised if he’s among the first cats to greet you during your visit. Let’s hope luck continues to be on his side and he finds his forever home sooner than later! Lucky is an outgoing kitten who would do well in most households.


Princess Grace
Female, approx 3 years

Like your royals with some spunk? Princess Grace is your gal! Princess Grace, or “PG” for short, can be shy at first and can take some time to get used to new places. Once she makes herself comfortable, her large personality will let loose! She has her opinions and she will make them known, and she’s also the type to weave around your legs and request your attention. A Good Samaritan rescued Princess Grace from off the street and would even take PG on car rides to keep her company, since she wasn’t allowed pets of her own. Princess is ready to reign your kingdom forever. Princess Grace would do well in a quieter home, either as the only cat, or in a home with other cats.


Female, approx 8 months

Meet Raisin! She has a distinctive nebula eye, and she can still see out of it. Raisin loves to cuddle, and also loves being up high, so make sure to provide her with plenty of places to perch! With help from a Good Samaritan and a kind police officer, Raisin was rescued from being stuck inside a trap in the hot sun. Of course, she was extremely dehydrated, and would not have survived if it weren’t for the people who saved her. The people responsible for leaving her in the trap have been cited and reported. Raisin is thankful to have a second chance at life, and looks forward to finding her furrever home!


Female, approx 10 months

Rika is a sweetie girl who loves hanging out in bed by our streetfront window. Feel free to give her chin scritches — she loves those! Rika was only 8 weeks old when she was rescued from a boat harbor. As a kitten, she had a deadly infection called panleukopenia (the feline version of parvo), but thankfully, it was caught in time and she survived with treatment. Rika is now a happy and healthy adult who’s waiting patiently for the right family to come her way! She would do well in most kinds of households.


Male, approx 1 year

Solo is an absolute love bug and a total people person! As his name implies, he was found solo in Ewa Beach, when he walked right into someone’s home while the homeowner was unloading groceries from her car! He seems to really enjoy people more than other cats, so we think he may thrive best in a home where he can be the only cat and the star of the show! Because of his high energy, we think Solo would do well with someone who can give plenty of opportunities to expend that energy — for example, in a household with children, or with a work-from-home family.


Male, approx 1 year

Tarzan is king of the cat lounge! He loves to be high atop a shelf, or look out our windows. Tarzan was originally found as a 6-week-old kitten at Schofield Barracks who went from spicy to sweet in a matter of days. He’s now a big young dude ready to rule a jungle of his own with his forever family! Tarzan would do well either as an only cat in the home, or with other cats.


Male, approx 1 year

If you’re looking for the purrfect boyfriend, may we introduce you to Todd? He’s super affectionate AND independent, so he’s like your ideal, well-balanced partner! Todd and his four siblings were found as newborn kittens near Wai‘anae Coast Comprehensive Health Center last year. Todd is the last one still searching for his forever home, after a previous adoption didn’t work out, so we’ve got our fingers and toes crossed for him!