Our Adoptable Cats and Kittens

Here are the cats and kittens currently living in our lounge and available for adoption, unless marked with a “pending adoption” note. We foster up to 20 cats at a time. If you’re interested in adopting a cat, please visit our adoption page for details. We update the kitties’ bios as we get to know our cats more!


Male, approx 1 year old

One of our employees fostered Alex, his mother and his siblings. He’s an energetic little guy who would thrive in a home with another cat or kitten to play with!


Female, approx 1 year old

Bailey was fostered by one of our former employees. Bailey is friendly with humans but still super shy, as she needs lots of time and love while acclimating to our lounge. She would thrive in a home where she can be the only cat in the household.


Male, approx 1 year old

Chase is a shy guy who up until recently was hanging out in our back room, where he loves to cuddle with other cats, so he would do well with other low-key cats. He’s now out and about in our lounge, enjoying the company of our guests and the other kitties!


Female, approx 8 months old

Claudette is looking for a forever home where she can enjoy her retirement as a pawrent in peace! She was found in a Kalihi bar, where she gave birth to kittens. Her kittens have all found forever homes, save for one that unfortunately didn’t make it. Now it’s Claudette’s turn to find a home all her own!


Male, approx 1 year old

Cruise is a little shy but likes to make funny little meows coming from the furthest corner of the room, as he tries to talk to you, ventriloquist-style. If he’s a bit skittish, it’s because he’s still adjusting to living in our lounge. Give him some time and he’ll be as sweet as can be!


Male, approx 1 year old

Edwards is a low-key playful cutie! He’s our unofficial in-house baker — he loves to “make biscuits” (knead his front paws) on our cat beds. He also likes to lounge by our front window and occasionally play with his fellow kitties. Edwards would do well with another playful cat, or by himself as the only household kitty. He was found with his two siblings in a Kalihi park during a mass rescue event. We hope to give him a happily-ever-after kind of ending to his story!


Male, approx 1 year old

Gabriel’s foster writes: “Gabe was hanging out all the time outside of the Kalihi police station. I was just going to TNR (trap-neuter-return) but he was so cute.”


Male, approx 2 years old

Kovu is a social butterfly who loves other cats and even dogs! He’s also a foodie and loves his cuddle time. He was originally rescued as a kitten in Kapolei, when he was found in a plastic bag that was hanging in a tree… thank goodness someone found him! He was adopted out as a kitten and was recently surrendered by the family who adopted him. Our goal now is to find him a truly forever home!


Female, approx 2 years old

Mabel is a quiet lap cat! She was found in Iwilei in the middle of a busy highway—a volunteer stopped traffic so Mabel could make it to safety, before being rescued later. She’s a beautiful calico who’s definitely not street smart—a cozy home is where she belongs!


Female, approx 1 year old

Mantis, named after the Guardians of the Galaxy character, is our wide-eyed adventurer who just wants a friend for life! She eagerly jumped into her rescuer’s car when she was found at Costco Kapolei. Will you be her BFF?


Mr. Black
Male, approx 1 year old

Someone had a sense of humor when they named this orange guy “Mr. Black”! This ginger guy is outgoing and would do well either on his own or with another kitty friend with a gradual intro. He was rescued from a hoarding situation in Wai‘anae and now has a second chance at a loving home where he can be spoiled to bits!


Penelope Jasmine “PJ”
Female, approx 1 year old

Penelope Jasmine might have a bougie name, but make no mistake—treats, laser toys and feather wand toys will bring her into her playful element! “PJ” is otherwise a chill cat who enjoys lounging near our street-facing window. She would likely do best in a home where she can be the only cat, where she’ll be spoiled like crazy!


Female, approx 1 year old

Summer is a shy girl who loves being brushed, rolling on carpets, and chasing toys! She’s not the type of girl who will come right up to you first thing, but connect with her at her pace, and you’ll find that her level of chill is something that will be mutually beneficial for her and for you!


Female, approx 1 year old

Tatiana is our blue-eyed sweetie pie looking for a second chance with a loving family! She was among several cats that were rescued at Wai‘anae Boat Harbor. Area residents told the rescuers that Tatiana had once belonged to a houseless family that had to leave her behind when they relocated. Tatiana is now in our care until she finds her forever home!