Our Adoptable Cats and Kittens

Here are the cats and kittens currently living in our lounge and available for adoption, unless marked with a “pending adoption” note. We foster up to 20 cats at a time. If you’re interested in adopting a cat, please visit our adoption page for details. We update the kitties’ bios as we get to know our cats more!


Female, approx 1 year

If you need a furry companion while reading your Agatha Christie novels, we’ve got the purrfect feline for you! Agatha is a refined young lady who would love your company and attention, and does well by herself or with other cats. She’s quite the survivor! She was rescued as a newborn on the side of King Street, out in the pouring rain. A bus rider noticed Agatha and along with KAT Charities, helped get her to safety.


Female, approx 5 years

Ironically, Baby is a grown lady! She loves hanging out in the cubbies in our cat trees, as pictured, and will happily accept your pets and chin scritches! Baby does well with other cats, and could also do well as the only cat in the home. Baby was tragically left behind after her previous family left the island and were told by their airline that they could not accept any more cats on the plane. Fortunately, Baby ended up at a safe cat sanctuary. The sanctuary team noticed how friendly and affectionate Baby is, and felt she deserved a purrfect life indoors with a family to love her. We totally agree!


Male, approx 1 year

Prepare to get lost in Binx’s stunning gaze! This handsome and friendly boy is so good with other cats, and would do well with a variety of families. Binx was part of a litter of four kittens that was rescued in Wai‘anae. Their mother was also rescued and spayed to break the cycle of unnecessary litters and find her kittens the loving families they all deserve.


Male, approx 1 year

Crash is an extremely affectionate kitty who was pulled from Hawaiian Humane Society after he was surrendered with a broken leg. KAT Charities pulled him from HHS and rushed him to a vet, where he was outfitted with a cast that he wore for a little over a month. He’s all healed up and ready for a fresh start in his forever home! Crash is understandably still a little shy while he’s getting used to our cat lounge, so if you don’t see him out and about, please let us know and we’d be happy to make an introduction.


Male, approx 4 months

Edwards is a low-key cutie! He’s our unofficial in-house baker — he loves to “make biscuits” (knead his front paws) on our cat beds. He also likes to lounge by our front window and occasionally play with his fellow kitties. He was found with his 2 siblings in a Kalihi park during a mass rescue event. We hope to give him a happily-ever-after kind of ending to his story!


Female, approx 7 months

Katniss is an affectionate cat who is cool with children, other cats, and mellow dogs, and would make the purrfect companion for the right family! Katniss’ odds were in her favor when she was rescued from the Schofield Barracks area, after concerned residents spotted her and other cats that were shot with arrows that turned out to be illegal blow darts. She fortunately survived her injuries and has quite the tale to tell her forever family!


Male, approx 1 year

Kilo and his brothers Alpha and Tango (both adopted through Popoki + Tea) were found when they were six weeks old in an area overlooking the H-3 freeway. Now an adult, Kilo is waiting for his forever family to discover him. He’s ultimately a friendly cat who might take a little time to ease into his new surroundings, and will make that special family out there very happy. He does well with other cats and by himself.


Male, approx 1 year

Kio’s the kind of guy who can act like he’s too cool for school, but at the end of the day, enjoys back rubs so much, he’ll give you that elevator butt to show you he’s enjoying it! Kio was part of a group of kittens that were saved from a Waimānalo neighborhood that also included Pua, and Popoki + Tea alumni Lisa, Nicole, and Mario. Because of his shyness, we think Kio would thrive best in a home with a similarly shy or low-key cat.


Male, approx 6 months

Nick loves being the star of the show! He loves climbing up on our shoulders whenever he can, and will meow to get your attention! If your family is able to give this little guy all the attention and playtime he desires, he just might be your man! He and his siblings were rescued in Kane‘ohe.


Female, approx 7 months old

Shenzi cracks us up because she perpetually looks freaked out, but don’t judge a book by its cover—she absolutely loves attention and being pet! She’s a quiet girl who enjoys sunbathing near the window and being with our other cats. Shenzi, who’s named after a character from The Lion King, was one of several kittens that were found in the Punchbowl area earlier this year, after their mother was rescued and spayed. Shenzi has nothing to fear anymore—even though her face sometimes says otherwise!


Female, approx 1 year old

Just like the campfire snack, S’mores’ warmth will make you feel right at home. She was found with her mother Cookie at a Kalihi housing project that was not safe for cats. S’mores loves being pet and is a low-key kind of cat. She would do great with other cats with a slow introduction.


Male, approx 1 year

Solo is an absolute love bug and a total people person! As his name implies, he was found solo in Ewa Beach, when he walked right into someone’s home while the homeowner was unloading groceries from her car! He seems to really enjoy people more than other cats, so we think he may thrive best in a home where he can be the only cat and the star of the show! Because of his high energy, we think Solo would do well with someone who can give plenty of opportunities to expend that energy — for example, in a household with children, or with a work-from-home family.


Male, approx 6 months

Tito was found in a garage with his two siblings when they were about 4 weeks old. Now a teenager, Tito is a playful young tabby who’s ready to find his forever family!


Female, approx 6 months

People ask us all the time what kinds of cats are hardest to find homes for. It’s not the ones with missing limbs or eyes. It’s not black cats. It’s not even senior cats. It’s shy cats. Toni is a shy cat. Chances are, you won’t see Toni out in the lounge very much, as our quiet back room is more her speed. If you’d like to meet shy Toni, please ask us and we’d be happy to make an introduction. She’s incredibly affectionate and enjoys being held. She’ll definitely enjoy being with a family who appreciates cuddles and is cool with giving a cat like Toni lots of patience and love. Shy cats like Toni will blossom beautifully in their forever home.