Why Hawai‘i Needs Cat Cafes

Cat cafes give people and cats a comfortable, social haven so they can find each other!

They’re a platform for cats who need loving homes—and there are as many as 300,000 cats on O‘ahu that do. Cat cafes help alleviate space from animal rescues and fosters, so they can do more of their good work in our community.

Inside our cat lounge. Photo by Reese Kato.

Cat cafes are also cool, welcoming social spaces for people! This is true whether you’re looking to adopt your next feline companion, or just want to relax and play with cats without the commitment of pet ownership.

Socialization and adoption are both crucial components for the kitties!

All food and beverages will be prepackaged or prepared offsite. Guests will have the option of bringing their beverages and food in the room with them.