Event Rules + WAIVER

At our pop-up events, we ask that guests observe the following rules to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone, human and feline. Mahalo!

Event Rules

• Please be gentle with the cats.

• Children must be with an adult.

• Your pets must stay at home.

• Do not place kittens on the floor.

• No outside food. Do not feed the cats.

• Please keep your voices down.

In short: please be a considerate cat lover! Anyone who is disrupting the cats’ well-being will be dismissed from the event.

Guest Waiver

All guests are required to sign a waiver, which you can do in line at our pop-up, or in advance at the link below.

If you will be bringing children, please select “minors (children)” on the first page, so they are covered, too.

Click here to sign the waiver.