About Popoki + Tea

Popoki + Tea is a cat cafe located in the historic Kaimuki neighborhood in Honolulu, Hawai‘i. Here, you can grab a bottle of milk tea, iced tea, or coffee, and hang out with our adoptable rescue cats in our cat lounge.

Popoki + Tea is a place for positivity, wellness and love. It’s a refuge: for humans, from the stressors of modern daily life; and for cats, who have been rescued or abandoned. Our cats live here until they find their forever homes—however long it takes.

“What if I can’t adopt a cat right now?” Socialization is so important for cats, so even if you can’t adopt, know that your time spent here is a treasure to our furry residents.

The idea for Popoki + Tea first came about in 2015, when our founder/owner, Liberty Peralta, was introduced to the concept of cat cafes.

In 2018, Liberty began a collaboration with Kaimuki pet supply store The Public Pet in organizing Popoki + Tea’s monthly cat cafe pop-ups. Over the course of a year and a half, Popoki + Tea helped connect more than 80 adoptable kittens and cats with their forever homes.

Popoki + Tea found its current animal rescue collaborator, KAT Charities, through these pop-ups. We’re excited to continue this collaboration with them at our brick-and-mortar cat cafe location, right next door to where it all began at The Public Pet. #keepitkaimuki